Eczema's Nemesis All Natural Soap

Eczema's Nemesis All Natural Soap
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Product Description

The recipe for this soap took place during the winter of 2009. We had many requests for a soap that would not exacerbate the dry skin problems that sufferers of Eczema can attest to. Having no personal experience with Eczema or Psoriasis, we hit the internet for information. After 4 months of web surfing, visiting medical sites as well as personal blogs, keeping track of what worked as well as what didn't work, we came up with a recipe that has provided many people with some relief from their Eczema. It's not a cure but it does give some relief from the itching and scratching. This soap provides the most moisturization your skin can get from a soap. We also receive reports regularly that this soap has helped many see a reduction in the extent of their Eczema outbreaks and calming of symptoms.

Ingredients: What sets this soap apart from normal "hand crafted soaps" is that there is no coconut oil, no colorants, and no scent/perfume of any type. This soap contains almond oil and a small percentage of animal fats along with a blend of approximately 20 ingredients that our 4 months of research revealed provided relief to the greatest number of those with Eczema. The overwhelming popularity of this soap and the glowing comments we receive from those that buy this soap, prove that our research hit the mark. We're glad this soap provides those that have eczema some relief. If you don't have eczema, this soap will be the smoothest bar of soap you've ever used and you might just continue to use it because it feels so superior to anything you've ever tried before.