Handcrafting Artistic Soaps

SunDog Soaps has more than a 15 years of experience in handcrafting one of the most delightful and artistic soaps in the south. At SunDog Soaps, our designers combine the wonderful benefits of natural soap with inspired beauty to produce an exceptional product which sooths the body and enriches the spirit.

Why Sundog Soaps?

SunDog utilizes only the finest ingredients and aromatherapy essentials to revitalize the skin and invigorate the body. There simply is no comparison to “store bought” soaps.

white and black box on white surface

We are Eco-friendly

Our continued care for the environment can even be seen in our “select” recycled packaging and our environmentally appropriate production process that eliminates the generation of hazardous substances. This further reinforces our dedication to Mother Earth and distinctly separates SunDog from our competitors.

What Makes SunDog unique?

As a friend of Nature, SunDog uses only the finest natural oils, lye, botanicals, exfoliates, aromatics and highly concentrated essences, moisturizers and finishing touches that have been time tested and chosen by humanity for the enrichment of the human experience. As such, SunDog never uses ingredients that are tested on animals.

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